Jewelry at Home

An empty house and complacent owners are burglars’ best friends, and are easy targets for jewelry theft. So you must take steps to deter criminals, especially when you are away from home. Although crime never sleeps, you may be surprised to know that most home robberies occur during the day, during the warm months, with thieves walking right through the front door.

Here are some tips to help prevent being a target:

  • Avoid the appearance of an empty house with timers, well-groomed landscaping, and no mail or newspaper accumulation.
  • Do not hide spare house keys outside your home, or publicize your absence on the answering machine or social media.
  • Inspect and use quality locks on windows and doors, including garage doors.
  • Use motion detector lights at entrances to your home.
  • Consider a home security and monitoring system and/or have a neighbor keep an eye out.
  • Jewelry should not be kept in an obvious place, such as a jewelry box or bedroom dresser drawer. The best place for your valuables is a home safe – even better if it’s bolted to the floor in an inconspicuous location.
  • Another option especially for seldom worn jewelry is a bank safety deposit box. 
  • It is also a good idea to have current photos and appraisals of each item in the event of a claim.
  • Items that are engraved or otherwise marked with an identifying number are more difficult for a thief to sell, and easier to return to their proper owner.
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