June: 1 month, 3 beautiful birthstones

June 24, 2011
Happy birthday, fellow June babies! You get to brag about having not just one, or two, but THREE birthstones to choose from. Your lucky birthstones are the Pearl, Alexandrite and Moonstone, depending on the resource….or heck, your moods. It’s your prerogative! Read More >>

New Year, new reason to celebrate birthstones

January 12, 2012
January babies can be a dark bunch, at least when talking about their birthstone hue. The garnet is the gem of the month and is most known for its deep red stone. Garnet got its name from the Roman word “granatus” meaning “seed,” since the gems were thought to resemble pomegranate seeds. Read More >>

A ‘perfect’ new look!

March 13, 2012
Welcome to the new home of the Jewelry Box blog, conveniently part of Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company’s consumer website for its Perfect Circle™ Jewelry Insurance. We’re excited to finally be able to give you the full Perfect Circle experience. Read More >>
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How do I add jewelry to my policy?
Answer >>

You may request to add jewelry to your policy using our online Add Jewelry form, or simply mail, email, or fax a request to add the item to your policy, along with a copy of a current appraisal or evaluation that includes a complete description of the jewelry, including the value and any applicable sales tax. If we agree to add the jewelry, we will send you an updated policy and bill you for the additional premium.

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Mail: Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company
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Neenah, WI  54957-3601

How is Perfect Circle Jewelry Insurance different from homeowners or renters insurance coverage?
Answer >>

Standard homeowners and renters insurance policies may impose limits on the value of personal jewelry they cover, and these values may be significantly less than the amount required to replace the jewelry. In the unfortunate event of a loss, they may send you to a jewelry repair company of their choice. With Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance coverage from Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, you have the flexibility to work with your preferred jeweler for any repair or replacement of your items. In addition, standard homeowners and renters insurance policies may not offer coverage such as mysterious disappearance, which is included in our personal jewelry insurance policy.

Do you cover my jewelry when I’m traveling abroad?
Answer >>

Yes, jewelry protected with Perfect Circle® Jewelry Insurance by Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company is covered during worldwide travel.

May I submit a sales receipt instead of an appraisal?
Answer >>

You may submit a current sales receipt for a jewelry item if the sales receipt includes a detailed description of the item and if the value of the item is $5,000 or less.